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Personal Profile


Alex Chung was born in 1968 in Hong Kong.  Born into a new immigrant family from China, Alex Chung was raised and received education during the British colonial rule in Hong Kong.   He was first interested in History, and then turned to Sociology when he further his study at the University of Hong Kong.   His interest in photography gradually developed when he first pick up his camera and started taking photos of the rallies and demonstration during 1989 when the June Forth Incident was happening in China.  However, it is only until more than twenty years later that he completed his study of Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Photography offered by the HKUSPACE in 2018.   His first solo exhibition "The Quest" was made in May 2020 with the Hong Kong International Photo Festival under the Incubator Program.   Thereafter Alex is shifting his life interest gradually from his teaching duty in the tertiary education more to photography as a practices of art.   

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